The Importance of Making Me a Priority

I look up in the mirror and think to myself, “My God, you look like you’ve been snorting coke!”

When we moved here so my husband could attend The Basic School at Quantico, I was left jobless. I transitioned from working full-time, feeling like an independent woman to a full-time, dependent housewife somewhere between small town Nebraska and the Crossroads of the Marine Corps. All those years and dollars into nursing school are worthless because there are no job prospects here for new graduates. So now I spend a substantial amount of time planning meals, shopping for groceries, and “sampling beverages."

My husband became my priority. I get up to make his breakfast at 0430 and I cannot fall back asleep until 0700. I spend the majority of my day cooking, cleaning, and taking care of our dogs.

And that is how I found myself looking at my powdered sugar-covered face in a mirror, thinking I looked like a drug addict. Sometimes I am so busy feeding my husband that I just plum forget to eat. That leads to what we call “impulse buys," which are always good decisions ... NOT. That is how I ended up with a 12-pack of jelly doughnuts (of unknown varietals) covered in powdered sugar. In my haste to reach the unknown sweet nectar inside (Bavarian crème) I gave my face a nice dusting.

I think I might make a list of priorities, including eating, showering, relaxing, and sleeping. This list could also include buying something you want once in a while, like that beautiful Chevron rug at the bottom of the stairs. This comes with an attached priority ... DON’T FEEL GUILTY.

Just because I am a new MilSpouse who is bitter about not supplementing the family’s income, it does not mean I have to feel guilty about spending a little once in a while.

We work our butts off here, too! In a different way, of course, but it has taken me a month to realize that what I am doing at home is very important as well.

The moral of the story? Take care of yourself, because you need to be able to keep doing the things that matter most.

Moriah Lazoritz is a brand-new Marine Corps spouse stationed at Quantico, Va.  Check out her personal blog at My Most Excellent Marine Corps Adventure.

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