Poll: Murphy's Law and Deployment Destruction


Murphy's Law of Deployment states that whatever appliance can break down during deployment will break down. And the corollary is that it will break in conjunction with some other appliance/tool/vehicle just to maximize your ultimate craziness.

While you hear military spouses grouse about MLOD, what they don’t tell you is that they handle most of that collateral MLOD damage just fine.

What they are trying to conceal from the Evil Eye is that some repairs make them crazier than others. The car that wouldn’t start two weeks after my husband deployed irritated me (but I've got AAA for that).  And the broken TV was easy to buy (if not to install).

After eight deployments, I’m ready for that kind of stuff. It was the computer meltdown that made me snatch myself bald-headed.

I am not the IT Guy in this family. Recovering files and installing stuff and trying to remember passwords have caused me to suddenly look like Quentin Tarantino.

If you had to admit which item would push you over the edge, which one of these would it be? Take our poll and check out below what Murphy's other victims said.



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