New Lifetime Series Helps Gold Star Families


A new Lifetime TV network project is raising money for Gold Star families – and you can help.

Earlier this year at Military.com’s Spouse Summit, Lifetime Moms spent some time with some military spouses and family members doing interviews and collecting stories. Some of those have been turned into man-on-the-street type interview segments like this one.

The rest of them are being used in a new web series called “Home Base.” The series will feature interviews with spouses from all walks of life – including an interview with our very own editor, Jacey Eckhart and one with SpouseBuzz contributor Macho Spouse Chris Pape.

In honor of Memorial Day, Lifetime has kicked off the series with two interviews with Gold Star family members. The first, which you can watch below, features Gold Star wife Nicki Bunting. Nicki found out she was pregnant with their second child four days after she was notified that her husband was killed in action.  Her story is incredible.


So how can you help Gold Star Families?

Just by watching this video and a second with Gold Star Mom Mary Jane McWilliams, you can help Gold Star families everywhere. Lifetime is donating $1 per view of these videos to Gold Star Family Registry, an organization that supports the families of the fallen. That means by watching the video you are donating money to this great cause.

Make sure you watch both videos!


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