Why I Love Goodfellow Air Force Base


Two years ago, when my husband told me where we moving, I literally ignored what he said.

Husband: “Honey, we are moving to San Angelo, Texas."

Me: “Wow! Yes! I love San Antonio!! When do we move?”

Husband: “No, Babe, we are moving to SAN ANGELO, TEXAS. That’s where Goodfellow AFB is located.”

Me: “Where the hell is Goodfellow AFB?”

Fast forward two years and I can tell you everything  you need know about Goodfellow AFB, including that it’s located in the middle of West Texas. I love it here. Not for the shopping, the food or for the scenery  (all which leaves much desired), but for  the  spouses I’m surrounded by. This assignment and this base has been the eye opener for me as military spouse.

Goodfellow AFB (GAFB) is the central location for intelligence training in the Air Force. It is also home to the Department of Defense Fire Training School. It’s not just Air Force, every branch of military service is stationed at Goodfellow for both intel and fire fighter training.

This base is small in size but big in support. The spouse network and the Key Spouses (Air Force trained volunteer to help spouses) are the best in the country. Our diversity is what keeps us a close net group because we come from every military branch of service. We are students and mentors, all sharing the same experience; constantly learning from each other.

SpouseBuzz has picked the perfect place to bring Military.com's Spouse Experience. From newlyweds married before basic training to spouses celebrating their 20th anniversary and third time assignment to San Angelo; GAFB has spouses representing every stage of military life. We even have international spouses from all over the globe. There are more than 600 permanent party spouses and thousands of student spouses that rotate in and out in of GAFB each year.

Goodfellow AFB is a microcosm or perfect cross section of military spouse issues. We want to know more about military marriages, from many different perspectives. We want to know more about becoming financially sound, whether just married or looking forward to retirement. And we want to know how to improve our own life by going back to school or find that right job for us while living the military lifestyle.

SpouseBuzz couldn’t have found a better location to help military spouses empower themselves. We are as diverse as our base and can’t wait to share our experience with them!  Welcome to Goodfellow AFB!!

By the way, it’s located in SAN ANGELO, TX, not San Antonio, TX.

No worries, the confusion happens all the time.


Stacy Allsbrook-Huisman is a freelance writer and consultant with a passion for military spouses and families. Being married to the Air Force for almost decade has given her the inside perspective into the life and struggles of the military family. Huisman currently writes for Goodfellow Monitor at Goodfellow Air Force Base and local papers. She works full time raising her two preschoolers and managing her military life.  

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