Video: Do you Understand PTSD?


When my wife deployed a couple years ago my biggest concern was that she would come home with some form of post traumatic stress disorder. The idea of PTSD scared the crap out of me because I didn't know anything about it. I laid awake at night worrying about how we would have to rebuild our intimacy and relationship. Would she have night terrors? Would she explode in a fit of rage during dinner?

Thankfully, she returned home the same person as when she left, but that didn't stop me from continuing to wonder what would've happened if she didn't. It was this fear of the unknown that led me to seek help in understanding post traumatic stress from several family members who served during Vietnam, but I was surprised to learn how little they actually knew ...which was really nothing at all.  Apparently, my family could recite the symptoms, but had no idea of the actual causes, prognosis, or how to help someone effected by this injury.

Have you noticed this with your family and friends?  Do you understand PTSD?

In this five-part video series, Dr. Nick Lind of Post Trauma Resources (Columbia, SC), explains that post traumatic stress is ac tually as much physical as mental. We discuss how our “fight or flight” responses play a big role in the development of post traumatic stress symptoms as well as a big role in recovery.  Dr. Lind also shares insight on productive ways to communicate with a loved-one who may be suffering, and talks about possible treatments and prognosis.

PTSD is still very serious, but not nearly as scary once you understand what it is and why someone may be suffering.




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