My Heart Belongs In Boston

My husband and I are stationed in Germany. After all the news of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, I feel so helpless. That’s my hometown.

Every Patriots Day, my whole family would convene at my Nan’s house in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Dozens of long-legged runners almost carpeted the floor to get another ounce of sleep before the big Boston Marathon.

My Nan was the assistant town clerk of Hopkinton for many years. She would invite anyone and everyone over for a big pasta dinner the night before the event. There was room on the floor if you could find it.

After moving away from the New England area, I always watched the televised recap or the live streaming of the elite division. This year I was rooting for Kara Goucher for the woman’s gold. My eyes were glued to the television set as she passed through the towns of my childhood. They even mentioned my favorite diner to get hot dogs in the summer.

When I saw the news about the explosions at the finish around hour four, my heart sank. In the back of my mind, I wondered if my friends and family were okay.

I remember my Uncle Skip always saying that you had to be a kook to want to be with all the crowds at the finish, but I didn’t know everyone’s plans for the day. Maybe they had changed tradition and went to the finish?

Here in Germany, I feel so vulnerable. I’ve witnessed the 100th Anniversary race. I’ve witnessed the 1996 Olympic torch begin passed in Natick near the town commons. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the race or area was unsafe.

I called my dad and made sure he and the family was safe. Thankfully, everyone I know is fine. But my heart still aches for Boston.  I may have left my home to follow my husband, but part of me still lives right there and always will.

 Samantha Brinton is an Army wife. Stationed overseas in Rose Barracks, Germany, Samantha experiences a different side to Army life. Volunteering, working full time, knocking out her European bucket list and freelancing as a photojournalist can be a puzzle she must constantly be tackling. 

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