Poll: Are You Afraid of Getting Out?


When it comes to the sequester, you might not care about cuts to shipbuilding and whether or not some Air Force guy you don't know gets his tuition assistance.

But we all have our twinges about how Sequestration will affect our particular servicemember or us personally.

Maybe we are right to worry.  Cuts to personnel seem to be in the offing everywhere. At a recent conference, General Odierno, the Army’s Chief of Staff, said that the Army was committed to cutting active duty troop strength from 570,000 to 490,000.  Under Sequestration, Odierno thought that up to 200,000 active duty members could be cut.

Navy Adm. William H. McRaven told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Sequester would even include paring down recruiting efforts for several years for Special Forces.

Cuts are being discussed for just about everyone -- from to the number of generals and admirals we have to the early retirement of mid-level and senior enlisted to the size of entering classes at military academies.

So if you do have those worrisome twinges keeping you up at night, what are they?  What is your biggest fear surrounding getting out of the military? Take the poll and check out the results below.



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