YDU: I Could Help Homeless Veterans, Too?

Do you have a passion for helping those in need? Has your servicemember's dedicated service inspired you to try and make a difference?   After watching my husband deploy four times to the Middle East, I was motivated to give back to those who have served our country.   In my home town of San Diego, CA,  homeless veterans make up approximately 25 percent of the homeless population. This staggering number took me by shock.  I decided to try and help.   I have taken time out  to organize a shoe drive for these wonderful men and women who took time to serve our this wonderful nation. It was easier than I thought.  First I called around to shelters who offer clothing and services to these men and women. I quickly found a facility who was willing to accept all the shoes that I could collect.   Then I made a lot of phone calls to look for a venue to host the drive. I found that community service buildings community centers and churches were more available to help out    Now that I had found a gracious facility to accept the shoes and an easily accessible venue there was nothing left to do but promote the event to anyone and everyone who would listen. Social media, and internet sites that post ongoing events in the community is a fast way to get the word out to a lot of people at once. My husband helped by printing out flyers and donating the very first pair of brand new work boots.   Don't forget to tell everyone what you are doing.  Talking to everyone from your next door neighbor to the check out teller at your local grocery store is an efficient way to start a buzz in the neighborhood. Looking online for local community groups and contacting their leader by email worked in my favor as well. Reaching out to your city council definitely couldn't hurt also.   So far the first MARCH IN MY SHOES -SHOE DRIVE FOR HOMELESS VETERANS is scheduled to take place on March 30th 2013 at the French Valley Community Center at 37517 Browning St. Murrieta, CA between 2pm-4pm.  It's located about 30 minutes from March AFB and just a little north of Temecula.  Many have already been inspired many to donate their gently used shoes.   The road for a homeless veteran is no walk in the park but perhaps with a new or gently used pair of shoes we can try to make their journey a bit more comfortable. If I a stay at home mother of four and devoted military spouse can make a difference, what can you do?   Kimberly Jackson is a Marine spouse currently stationed in Winchester, CA.  She says, "I'm a stay at home mother to four wonderful children and have recently gone back to college to pursue my degree in Human Services.  My passion for helping those who are homeless burns deep in my heart. My dream is to inspire others to have compassion and kindess towards those who are homeless, underprivledged and disadvantaged."  

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