Video: How to be a Great Communicator

One of the first things I learned from interviewing male military spouses who have successful marriages is that they all talk with their wives. I'm not referring to common daily small talk, but actual deep communication about their feelings, desires, and fears. The stuff that can make most men squirm; talk of love, dreams, hope, and sometimes about what just happened on the Bachelor are all conversations these guys aren’t afraid to tackle.

Now, don't believe they have their masculinity pounded down to dirt everyday as they run around spreading gossip like 13-year-old girls, because they don't. These guys know that when the time is right, they are tough enough to talk about anything. In fact, not only have their open communication skills made their marriages stronger, but it seems to have made these men more comfortable in their own skin.

This video is the first in a  series on communication that features Scott Stanley, a research professor and co‑director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies at the University of Denver, and male spouses from across the nation sharing insight into why it's important for military families to practice good communication skills.


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