Poll: Is Sequestration a Good Thing?


“Yeah it’s taking away some of the stuff I use or things I think I need, but it’s cutting down spending which definitely needed to be done. So it's OK."

I looked at my husband in shock as he said this. Every night since sequestration became a reality I have been regaled from his seat on the couch with stories about training he won’t be doing, military school slots that have been closed and programs that have been cut by sequestration.

“Did you hear the ___ family isn’t going to Monterey for the language school anymore? Because of sequestration.”

Insert visual of Army dude shaking his head in disdain.

It surprised me to hear his reticent acceptance of the whole thing as a necessary evil.

And it got me to thinking – do other people feel the same way? So the commissary is going to be closed one day a week starting the first week of April. So the contracts aren’t being renewed. So tuition assistance has been shuttered for the time being.

So what?

We ran a poll a few weeks ago asking what you think about the commissary closing. Almost 44 percent of the almost 7,000 respondents said the closing is something they'll just work around. Nine percent said the extra day closure should stick around forever.

With sequestration looking more and more like a rather permanent fixture on the American fiscal stage, I wonder if many are as resigned to it as my Soldier. Take the poll and let me know, then check out the results.




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