How do YOU Work From Home?


It’s a question we get a lot here at SpouseBuzz: “I want to work from home but I can’t tell the difference between legitimate jobs and work-from-home scams. How do you find good work from home jobs?”

I wrote recently in this post about how much I love working from home. While not necessarily always the most ideal for my journalism career, it works. I love that I am able to be available and flexible for my family, keep my little guys out of day care and keep a job while doing the simple things stay-at-home moms relish like story time at the library and mid-morning coffee dates.

I know I am living my personal version of The Dream. And I deeply, sincerely want you to find your Dream, too. But what we hear from you, especially those of you who have zero desire to get into freelance writing or journalism, is that you have no idea where to start when it comes to the stay-at-home job hunt.

The bigger problem is figuring out just what kinds of careers permit telecommuting. Sure, you can work as a contract medical transcriptionist, but that’s probably not something you’d like make a career out of. And we know what depressing careers for military spouses can be done from home. But what about traditional ones?

And with companies like Yahoo! and now Best Buy requiring their workers to be in the office or leave the company, many of you may be wondering if the work-from-home window is starting to close.

One of the reasons I love SpouseBuzz is for its wealth of crowd wisdom. While some of you may be looking for that perfect stay-at-home career, others of you already have it. I'm not the only one living The Dream! So, please! Tell us --  what kinds of careers do YOU do from home?

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