3 Ways to Best Bummer Weather


Look outside your window. Yes, you. If you’re anything like me or even the bulk of the country right now, what’s going on out there is probably the exact opposite of what you’d like. Now look at the calendar. It’s the last week of March.

For the love of Jiminy Cricket, WHY is it snowing?!  [or insert your particular flavor of unacceptable weather].

Periodically I’ll cruise around Facebook to see what’s going on in the spouse world. What are people talking about? What is on the collective spouse mind?

And right now it’s the weather and punishing a certain Ground Hog. Poor little fella.

We're cheery people here at SpouseBuzz. We don’t like to let things like snow on March 26 get us down, try as they might. We have stuff to do, people to see and in-laws to entertain in t-minus two days! Are we going to let this get the best of us? No!

Here’s three ways we’re putting a little Spring in our steps and keeping the Abominable Snowman away. Join us, won’t you?

Pretend it’s warm. I admit it. I turned up the heat in our house a notch so I can wear flip flops and a skirt. Why? Because I’m pretending it’s warm outside. And while I may put back on my giant wool socks and snuggly Uggs before heading out to the commissary, for that time that I’m home it’s like a tropical paradise. I don’t plan to keep the heat up forever – or even for more than a day – but it’s making me feel better.

Turn on some summer time tunes. Chase away those snow songs that are running through your brain (for example, I’m banning Jingle Bells) and point your browser towards Pandora’s Beach Boys stations. Fact: it’s scientifically impossible to feel cold while listening to The Beach Boys. Can’t stand those guys and their surfing songs? Think back to a great, happy summer and the music that defined it for you, and turn that on. Dance a little bit -- we won't judge. And you'll feel better right away.

It’s craft time! Easter is right around the corner and just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have craft time (and if you DO have kids, what are you waiting for?!). Put on a parka, hit up the craft store and then settle down at your table for some Easter crafting. We’ve pinned a few great options on our SpouseBuzz pinterest board.

Feel Spring yet? We do, too.

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