How a Psychic Made my MilLife Easier


Last month I visited a psychic. No, I didn’t call 1-800-PSYCHIC or randomly walk into a hole in the wall with a picture on the window of a gypsy rubbing a crystal ball. A friend of mine found a medium who works out of her home and suggested I give her a try.

Why not?

I’ve never given much thought one way or another about clairvoyance. I’ve always figured the world of psychics was full of fakers who were just really good at asking the right questions and generating vague “visions” that could apply to just about anyone. And I figured somewhere hidden within that pool of charlatans lived a handful of legit psychics, people who truly possess the ability to see into the future. So I went into my psychic session with an open mind, figuring I’d know pretty early on which group of psychic this woman belonged in.

Within minutes of sitting down, I was mesmerized. She hadn’t even flipped a single tarot card, and she knew things about me that no stranger could have known. She knew parts of my past. She knew about issues I was currently focused on. She knew about my fears. She knew about my family and specific attributes of those family members. And yes, she knew my future.

But about halfway through the reading, I wondered, “Do I really want to know my future? And how is that potential knowledge going to affect decisions I make from now on?”

I’m typically a pretty rational person, so I’m well aware of how silly it sounds to base any major life decisions on the visions of a woman with a deck of cards who just pocketed a wad of my cash. But as she told me what I should expect in my near future, I couldn’t help but believe her. Her visions reassured me. I wasn’t so thrilled about some of them. But most of them reassured me that I was following a path I was destined to travel.

Now, a couple weeks later, I find myself trying to make decisions that will keep me on that path. I’m not 100 percent convinced this woman is capable of accurately seeing my future, but I like her version of it. So why not take steps to make it happen?

Maybe we need to be reassured that a particular future is possible in order to facilitate positive changes in our lives. Maybe I would have spent less time worrying if a psychic had told me my husband would come home unharmed from his deployments. Maybe I would have been more open-minded about an overseas PCS if a psychic had told me I would love living in Japan so much I wouldn’t want to leave. Maybe I would have pursued a different career path earlier in my adult life if a psychic had told me I’d end up with the cool job that I have. (I certainly would have spent a whole lot less time filling out job applications.)

For all I know, not a single thing that woman saw in the tarot cards will actually happen and her fortune telling is as accurate as a Magic 8 Ball. But even if all she offered me was a false confidence of a future that really wasn’t meant to be, I realized that carving out the future I want and being the person I want to be isn’t going to magically happen just because I shuffled a deck of tarot cards three times instead of four. I need to make that happen with or without the psychic’s predictions.

Do you think a visit to a psychic could change your perspective on your future? What would you want a psychic to see in your future?

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