Why Cable News Wants a Military Spouse


A few months back I was contacted by a producer from CNN/HLN (Headline News) who had been following my military lifestyle blog, Army Wife 101. HLN was looking for influential bloggers in different areas, including military life, for a new show called “Raising America” hosted by veteran CNN news anchor Kyra Phillips. In it various contributors including celebrities, newscasters and bloggers would talk in a modern roundtable format about current news from a parenting perspective.

Being on camera was right up my alley. I began Army Wife 101  three years ago doing videos for YouTube in my hotel room while in the midst of a PCS from Georgia to Hawaii. I discussed the military lifestyle on my blog, but did it from a place of casual friendly conversation that I think so many military spouses could relate to no matter if they were a new military spouse or a veteran wife.


Why does HLN care what a military spouse blogger thinks about parenting issues? When I was called about doing the show, they were seeking a military spouse who they felt others would relate too and didn’t mind live interaction. They said although we are a small group, our stories are big and important. As a viewer of HLN I was very aware that over the course of the years they have such a great respect not only for our military but those of us here on the home front. I believe our stories are important to them because we are some of the biggest supporters behind those who protect America.

It was very easy for me to agree to contribute to Raising America knowing that I could share my thoughts on some military related topics and also my everyday perspective on events happening in the news.

HLN is extremely military friendly and really wants to make sure that they get our stories out there and are not left behind. I figured this was a chance to share more than just what the public sees about homecomings,  but show that we endure some real challenging times and also have some positive moments as well.

Janet McIntosh who works with Blue Star Families and contributes to Loving a Soldier Blog will also be a guest on the show. There will undoubtedly be some upcoming stories about military spouses and also some topic discussions on things that are military related. This in essence is a great reason to tune in because “Raising America” is extremely interactive and will give you -- the MilSpouses and parents -- a chance to join in on the conversation online.

You can watch Raising America every day at Noon (ET) on HLN ... and catch me on the show weekly Tuesdays at about 12:30 p.m.

Krystel lives on the outskirts of Fort Bragg with her husband and two children. She enjoys being an avid Facebooker and Tweeter (@ArmyWives101) and blogging for her community of military spouse readers. When she is not doing any of those she can be found enjoying old 80's sitcoms ,museums, and trying out new eateries with her family most weekends. 

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