Is This A Break Up Or A Military Thing?


Vicki has probably already read Its Called A Break Up Because It's Broken.  She probably sat through He's Not That Into You six times. If this were a civilian relationship, she would know whether or not this break up was a permanent thing.

But throw the military into the relationship mix, and it gets confusing. Is this a break up thing or is it a military thing?

Hard to tell. Vicki says that she and her boyfriend have been together for five years -- since they were both sixteen. Her boyfriend recently enlisted into the Navy. Right before he left for boot-camp he broke up with her. He said he didn't want to worry about her.  He said he only wants to focus on himself right now.

Vicki understands that part -- but she doesn't know why they had to break up over it. After all, they are still in love and when her boyfriend was home he was acting like they were a couple.  Vicki writes:

"Its been hurting so bad I can't eat, sleep, or nothing. I told him I was going to support him no matter what. Will he come back to me?  He gives me hope that he wants to fix things, but he has been saying we just need to be friends for now and that who knows maybe we can work things out.  I'm just so confused."
So, Readers, you decide.  Is this a break up and Vicki should move along?  Or is this a typical behavior from a guy heading for boot-camp.  What is Vicki's next best step? Show Full Article

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