Cat Fight or Legal Issue: Who Decides?


As former law enforcement officer, and a proud military spouse of 12 years, I have seen some things.  But I have always thought you could count on the military police on base the same way you could count on the police on the outside.

Let me share the incident that happened on our base that is troubling me so much.About a month ago, Verna*, a neighbor and a worker at the school, assaulted and battered Kelly’s daughter.  It happened during recess in front of other children, all because Kelly’s daughter didn’t want to be friends with Verna’s daughter anymore.

Because of this incident, Verna was fired from the school where her daughter and Kelly’s daughter attend.

Upon receiving the devastating news, Kelly went to the Military Police station to file a complaint and press charges against Verna.  Unfortunately, the Military Police were unwilling to produce a police report regarding Verna’s actions, nor did they arrest her.

Even though there was enough evidence, witnesses, and witness statements to substantiate Kelly’s complaint, the duty officer called this matter “all hearsay.” He said that he didn’t believe Verna’s actions were intentional. He acted like this was a cat fight, not a genuine legal issue.

Fortunately, Kelly was able to file for a Temporary Restraining Order on her daughter’s behalf against Verna at a nearby California Superior Court.  The Judge granted the Temporary Restraining Order on the same day that Kelly filed for it.

As of today, Verna has violated the Temporary Restraining Order twice. The Military Police still have not produced a police report for Kelly.  Nor have they arrested Verna for violating the Temporary Restraining Order.

Sadly, Kelly’s daughter is suffering from anxiety attacks and depression because of this situation. Kelly has filed complaints against the military police division at this base for failing to get involved with this matter. Her complaints were filed with the jurisdictional Congressman’s office and the Inspector General’s office. The next court hearing for this case will be in April.  Then, the Judge will make a decision to make the Temporary Restraining Order against Verna, a permanent one.

I am sharing this story with you all, because I pray that no other military dependent will have to experience “chasing their tail” for the protection and safety of our God given rights that our country offers. Surely, not on a military base.

Personally, I feel like the concerns of Kelly and her daughter have not been treated with respect.  This experience makes me think twice about living aboard a U.S. Military base ever again because what if this were to happen to my child?  Well, at least I know that the Police off-base will produce a Police Report for me and make an arrest, because that’s protocol.

As I began to reflect on all of this, I am left in conclusion that our constitutional rights are waived once we all enter the gates of Military bases.  And our feelings and concerns are dismissed.

 The author of this post, a SpouseBuzz guest blogger, wishes to remain anonymous. The names of the participants have been changed in order to maintain their privacy.

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