What Military Family Programs Should They Cut?


A new story from the Army Times highlights an unprecedented plan from the Defense Department to examine family support and recreation programs, identify redundancies, and axe the ones that aren't necessary.

If you feel like this plan to examine programs rings a bell - it should. The individual services, specifically the Army, regularly proclaim their intention to do this or give updates on how it's going. But this is the first time the review will be done at DoD level. As the article points out, this review has nothing to do with sequestration, or so they claim.

Nonetheless, the whole thing sounds like a great idea. Except it means that a program or two -- which are undoubtedly someone's favorite, most treasured activities -- are going to go away.

The problem is how they are supposed to choose which programs stay and which ones go.

The folks who are doing the review say they'll be gathering information from "enlisted troops and families through focus groups or other means." But that doesn't give a lot of clarity as to what their criteria will be.

We've given our advice before to military officials on just how to pick which program to kick to the curb. But this time I want to know from you, dear reader, what programs you feel should be given a particularly hard look.

They say there are redundancies, we KNOW there are redundancies ... but what are they?

You tell us.

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