5 Valentine's Day Care Packages for a Military Love

Valentine's Day Care Packages for a Military Love
Here are some ideas for this year's Valentine's Day care package. (Stock photo)

We've got all the best ideas for putting some heart into your Valentine's Day care package for the military person in your life. Thinking of a sweet box for your military love this Valentine's Day? Or valentine's gifts for a military boyfriend or girlfriend? Look no further.

If there's one thing we know about military deployments or absences, it's that care packages help make them seem just a little better. It gives you at home something to pour all that heart into, and receiving them helps your deployed or absent service member feel just a little closer.

Need some great ideas for Valentine's Day care packages for a military love? Here we go.

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Valentine's Day Care Packages: Sugary Sweets

Ah, the classic candy-laden, pink and red Valentine's Day care package. You can't go wrong with this classic staple just teeming with candy. Decorate your box with colored duct tape, whip out those heart stickers and hit the candy aisle for all your military love's favorite treats. You can even wrap that candy in special Valentine's Day paper with this printable.

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Valentine's Day Care Packages: The Boudoir Edition

A Valentine's Day care package for a military boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is the perfect time to, well, get sexy with it. If you were thinking about doing a sexy but tasteful boudoir shoot, this could be your perfect chance. We love this smart guide to sending sexy photos to your military love.

Looking for other ways to amp up a romantic care package? Give your own romance novel a crack, with you and your military love in the starring roles. If that doesn't make him or her miss you, nothing will.

Valentine's Day Care Packages: Holding You Close

This military care package is personal but not too personal, if you know what I mean. Pack it with his or her favorites that you share.

Maybe it's a special coffee you both enjoy, or a CD mixtape (yes, those are still a thing) or a jump drive of your favorite songs. This is a great care package for a photo album of special moments. And we love this special pillow case idea -- it has just the kind of closeness you're going for.

Valentine's Day Care Packages: Something from the Kids

Maybe a super sexy Valentine's Day care package isn't your style. Maybe it's time to simply put together the perfect care package from your kids. This is the perfect chance to get crafty with it.

Whip out the construction paper and glue, and start cutting out hearts and drawing pictures. Have your kids write about why they love and miss their deployed parent. Let them pick out Valentine's Day candy to send over.

Valentine's Day Care Packages: The Easy Button

What if you woke up today and realized that not only is Valentine's Day almost here, but it's way too late for you to put together an awesome box, get it to the Post Office and get it to your military love in time?

Enter: the care package mailing service. Use a military-focused service like Troopster, or something more generic like Package Penguin, and let them do the work for you. No, it won't have that personalized touch. But sometimes something is better than nothing.

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