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At SpouseBuzz, we believe in military family professionals. All of you Ombudsmen and FRG leaders and Family Readiness Officers and Key Volunteers and Fleet and Family counselors and Marine Corps Community Service folks and ... and ... and -- we’ve got your back, guys.

So when we started getting requests to reprint articles from SpouseBuzz in FRG newsletters and Ombudsman emails, we started thinking of other ways we could make your jobs easier. Here are our top four:

1. Reprint our articles for free. It is hard to think up new things to motivate and inspire your people -- especially during deployment. So I got permission for you to go ahead and reprint anything on SpouseBuzz for your unit. Just to keep it legal, you must include the author's name and something that says it was originally published on SpouseBuzz.com on such-and-such a date. Include the link!

 2.  Invite us to deliver Military.com’s The Spouse Experience. Spouse X is our new live event. Instead of asking our participants to sit through a lot of PowerPoint presentations, we have four speedy-quick, on-your-feet activities with our experts. The goal of the day is to laugh a lot, make a friend and win a prize. We are experimenting this year with offering the event during the day or on a weekend or at night to try to address all the kinds of military families. Some locations even offer childcare. Take a look at our video here: https://www.spousebuzz.com/spousebuzzlive

 3.  Request content just for you. Sometimes a unit has a particular kind of challenge coming up:  lots of babies being born during deployment. A rash of relationship breakups. A post so isolated you have neither Starbucks or Target. A boss who throws things at people and keys their cars in the parking lot. We have access to a lot of resources at SpouseBuzz. We would love to put something together just for you and yours.

 4.  Military.com’s Spouse Summit:  Brave Requests. On April 11-12, we are gathering military spouses and military family professionals in Washington, DC.  Save the date! Our plan is to break away from the usual panel discussions and PowerPoints. Instead we have lined up a group of innovative experts to help you figure out real life solutions to military life problems. The part I am most excited about is called Brave Requests and Startling Innovations. You’ll be able to bring your successes and your current challenges to other professionals from all over the country. So many good ideas exist in our military community -- we just need to find a way to share them all.

As always, feel free to drop us a line through our Contact Us button at the top of the page.  Like you, we live to serve.

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