Top Ten Things We Didn't Wanna Hear On Veterans Day


For those of us whose Marines, Coasties, sailors, airmen and soldiers were not deployed, Veterans Day was a great time to appreciate the ones we love.  It was pretty nice to have the rest of the country appreciate them too.  Sometimes in the act of appreciating, people get their compliments a little mixed up.  At our SpoueBuzz LIVE event in Ft. Campbell, KY, participants came up with this list of the top ten things they really didn't want to hear on Veteran's Day.

1. “I support the soldiers, but not the war.”

2. “They should just bring them home already.”

3. “Why are we even over there?”

4. “When are you getting out of the military?”

5. “I don’t know what I’m going to do! My husband is out of town for a whole week!”

6. “I wish my husband would go away for a year.”

7. “You must never fight since he’s never home.”

8. “You must really trust him.”

9.“The extra money must be nice.”

10. “Don’t  you ever get lonely?”

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