Top Ten Teen What Not To Wear

All military children are not sweet little babies clutching miniature American flags in their adorable fists. At a recent SpouseBuzz LIVE even in San Diego, CA, a group of moms reminded us that one in five military kids are teenagers.  And parenting those teenagers during deployment is making these moms crazy before their time.

Inspired by our What Not To Wear To A Military Ball list, these moms put together a What Not To Wear list for their slightly exasperating teenage daughters.

1. If the heels of your shoes can be used as a weapon, they shouldn’t be worn to school.

2. The only cheeks showing should be the ones on your face, Sweetheart. Really.

3. If you are showing more than 80% of your skin, you should be at the beach, the beach and only the beach.

3. Look in the mirror and ask yourself:  Would you wear that to Grandma's house?

4. I see London, I see France, I don’t want to see your underpants.

5. Bras belong under clothes, hence the reason they are sold in the “underwear” section of the store.

6. Unless starring in a movie by Tim Burton, use make-up sparingly.

7. The phrase 'less is more' does not actually  apply to a teen’s wardrobe.

8. If you want me to take you shopping and help you pick out everything you own right down to your Smurf-themed high-rise briefs, keep buying that too-sexy stuff when I'm not around.

9. Unless you are actually a dead ringer for Catherine Bach circa 1979, avoid Daisy Dukes.  Trust me on this.  I know.

10. You are the most beautiful girl in the world.  You live in a time where sexiness on the outside is equated with worth on the inside.  Your dad and I think you are so much more than that.  And we always will.

Editor's Note:  SpouseBuzz LIVE participants  Shan Tyson, Isabel Antinarelli, Maria Labastida, Barb Stewart, and Claudia Boyer contributed to this post.  BTW all of them were smart, gorgeous, younger-looking-than-their-years and clearly loved their daughters completely.


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