Poll: What Kind of Neighbors do you Want?


Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, neighbors are an unavoidable part of life. But unlike my parents who had the same neighbors for 20 years (whether they liked it or not), military life gives us the unique opportunity to have many, many neighbors. Whether it’s you who is moving out or it’s them who are moving in, neighbors will inevitably offer you a chance to meet many different types of people, test your patience and surprise you with their kindness.

Over on Military.com’s spouse channel today, Jacey writes about the kind of neighbors every military family needs – the kind that watch out for us instead of watching us like, say, stalkers or neighborhood watch volunteers.

Her column got me thinking: the kind of neighbors we think of as ideal are likely just as varied as the kind of people we are. Me? I want neighbors who notice when I’m not home and give the packages at my door a safe place to stay until I get back. I want  neighbors who I can check on and who can check on me. I want neighbors who invite me to us their pool.

But maybe you want neighbors who mind their own business (in which case, I have some great candidates for you where I live). In your mind, holding your packages until you comes back just means they were nosy enough to see that you drove away.

So take our little poll and tell me: what kind of neighbors do you want? Check out the results below, and check out Jacey’s column over here.



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