Military Wife Quote: One Word Isn’t Enough


Strong. Flexible. Independent. Dedicated. Adaptable. The list goes on.

The list of words to describe military spouses, that is. When we asked our Facebook readers what one word they would use to describe MilSpouses, they came up with so many fitting adjectives that we realized how impossible it is to sum up our awesomeness in just one word.

One word isn’t enough to describe military spouses.

Military spouses come in all shapes and sizes, and at first glance, it may seem the only commonality that some of us share is a love for a servicemember. But we share way more than that.

We’re supportive. We’re proud. We’re patient. We’re courageous. We’re resourceful. We’re amazing. We’re tired. And yes, sometimes we’re forgotten.

We don’t fit into all of these descriptions all of the time. I know I’m definitely not brave, adventurous and Gumby-esque every waking moment of my military life. And that’s okay. Because that’s where the big word steps in, the most mentioned word on our Facebook list:


We are “marked by the ability to recover readily.” We recover from all those curveballs military life throws at us. We get right back on our feet after those days when we’re not exactly tough or unbreakable or inspiring.

Resilient is the perfect word to describe military spouses because it allows us some imperfection. It gives us a little wiggle room to admit we have our off days and then lets us thrive on the fact that those off days don’t define us. We acknowledge them, brush ourselves off and move on so the next day we can be powerful, hardcore, supercalifragilisticespialidocious superheroes.

So the list goes on. What one word would you use to describe military spouses?

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