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The U.S. Military Working Dog Teams have been serving our country for nearly a century. From Sergeant Stubby to Coast Guard dogs that patrolled our shores to the 4000 Vietnam war dogs to Tillman, the Skateboarding dog, these animals spend their lives helping and protecting our soldiers on foreign soil.

However, their service has gone unnoticed by the general public over the years. I believe that we need to show recognition and honor these brave dogs and their teams for the dedication they gave to save the lives of our friends, family, and our solders. Recently, there has been movement on a national monument being built to honor the dogs and their handlers, which is a great leap forward to give them praise, but more should be done by the general public.

There are many organizations that are helping send care packages to our current U.S. Military Working Dog Teams. The United States War Dogs Association is one of the leading organizations helping give back to our dog teams. They began Operation Military Care K-9 in 2002 with the intent of sending care packages that would protect our working dogs from harsh weather, terrain, and conditions. Items from boots, goggles, and cooling vest were much needed and appreciated from the USWDA.

The K9 program is still going strong and welcomes individuals who want to help out our dog teams and their handlers by donating a special care package they made for the teams or though monetary donations.If interested, you can view the list of items requested from the teams and see what you would like to send them to make their days a little bit better, as they’re putting their lives out there for us.

Recently, Natural Balance has made it its mission to honor these great soldiers by partnering up with Petco, Maddie’s Fund and citizen donors to build a Military Working Dog Teams National Monument.

During the month of November, Natural Balance is offering one lucky winner the opportunity to win a trip for four to the 124th annual Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game in Pasadena, Ca., where Natural Balance’s 2013 Rose Parade Float will feature a replica of the Military Working Dog Teams National Monument. In addition, the winner will get a year’s supply of natural pet food from Natural Balance.

Click here for your chance to join the crowd at the 2013 Rose Parade in Pasadena to show your support for the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams!

There are numerous ways we can help show appreciation to our U.S. Military Working Dog Teams for the dedication and bravery they gave us to save thousands of lives. These were just a few I am invested in; hopefully you check them out or find other ways to give back to our dog teams. Either way we need to honor these service dogs for the lives they touched.

Rainier Fuclan is a recent college graduate and freelance blogger. His father is a charge R.N. in the trama unit of the V.A. Hospital taking care of all of our veterans and military individuals on a daily basis. Rainier loves to support our military through his writings and stories.

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