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It's hard to get a good handle on what military families are thinking and feeling. We're an incredibly diverse population, spread all over the world with needs, feelings and desires that we proudly wear. We're strong willed and proud of it, darnnit! So how are policy makers supposed to figure out what we want them to do?

Ah, a survey.

But researchers tell us how incredibly hard it is to get people to respond to surveys. At a recent spouse survey day held here at Fort Campbell, a researcher from Walter Reed Army Medical Center told me the participation was so low that they were going to need to figure out a way to extend the project. Bummer.

Since there are so few broad surveys of military families, the ones that are out there are cited again and again by policy makers. The information in them DOES make a difference. It IS important. And YOU can be a part of it.

The annual Blue Star Families survey for 2013 is now open and waiting for YOU to give answers. The results of this survey have been used by the White House and Congress when reaching out to military families. If you want your voice heard, this is the way to make it happen.

Please, take the survey here today. The little bit of time you invest in it will make a difference.

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