Poll: Best Way to Make Spending Cuts


If there's one thing we know about our readers, it's that they are smarty pants. They know what's going on in their world. They do their best to know about the programs the military offers them -- and they use them. Which is why we think you all have some wise words for military leaders as they usher  military family programs to the slaughter house.

You know what works. You know what doesn't. And maybe you know how they pick which programs to kill.

Earlier Jacey shared her thoughts on the best programs to can. She's been using family programs for much longer than most of us, so she knows how to tell something works. But we wanted to give you, our fabulous reader, a chance to share your thoughts with leadership as well.

And after we've collected your ideas? We're going to forwarded them to the Big Cheeses who make these calls. Because, even if they ignore us, that can't blame bad decisions on a lack of feedback. Jacey isn't the only helper girl, here! You're helpers, too.

What do you think should be the top two factors considered when shuttering programs? Take the poll to the right of the screen and pick two. In a few weeks we'll be forwarding the results you see below to the Important People.

Don't see an option we should've included? Please let us know what it is in the comment section. Because I'm only one person -- I can't think of everything. That's why I have you!


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