Military Wife Quotes: Do You Love a Good Uniform?


Charles Dickens had it just about right when he penned this Military Wife Quote:  ” A good uniform must work its way with the women, sooner or later.”

Heaven knows a good uniform always works on me, sooner or later.  Whether I am at home and my husband rolls in wearing his "blueberries" or whether we're at an event and he is wearing all that shiny white polyester stuff, the uniform works wonders on me.  I'm sure he is a little bit more fabulous every time he wears it.

On the Navy's 237th birthday, it seems appropriate to wonder why ARE those Navy guys in uniform so appealing?  

  • Do they look bigger in a white uniform?
  •  Do they look like they smell like bleach?
  • Are women just turned on by men who have jobs?
  • Do we have residual fondness left over from that boy on the Cracker Jack box?
  • And why is is that we never hear men gush about a woman in uniform?  Does that seem fair to you?
The idea that women love men in uniform goes back much further than Dickens. If you Google "I Love A Man In Uniform" you score more than 25 million hits.  In a 2011 Slate article searching for scientific evidence that women preferred men in uniform, there wasn't much to support the claim.
One psychologist suggested in an interview that Marine or Navy uniforms (especially when decorated with gold and silver insignia) indicate high status and offer women social validation. Like Brooks Bros. suits or tuxedos, she contended, uniforms imply a man in a position of authority; furthermore, they symbolize "alpha" qualities such as confidence and courage.
I don't know about "authority" as much of a turn on.  I've never had a boss that turned me on. School principals tended to make me feel tired.  And any time Mitt Romney calls me on the phone, I do not feel exactly breathless.

Maybe Dickens had it right in thinking that a uniform is just something that works on a man, sooner or later.  Why do you think your partner is more appealing in uniform?


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