Top Ten Things To Enjoy Before Kids


Nearly one in five married military members do not have children. At our SpouseBuzz LIVE event at MCAS Miramar, many of our participants described themselves as “pre-kid.” These young military couples want kids in the future, but for now they are working on establishing themselves in their careers, getting used to being married, and having the time of their lives.

Our participants put together this breezy list of things that they are enjoying in the pre-kid period of their lives. Which we thought was great. We remember when we used to sleep, too!

Would you add anything to their list of pre-kid enjoyments? At SpouseBuzz, we don’t want our military pre-kidders to miss anything…

  1. You can travel, party and enjoy spontaneous outings.
  2. You can freely borrow other people’s kids-- and give them back.
  3. You can eat sushi, drink alcohol and suck up all the coffee you want.
  4. Feel free to have sex all around the house without an audience.
  5. Shop for yourself and know that you don’t have to share treats with kids.
  6. Rejoice that moving is easier.
  7. Learn about parenting by watching other people’s mistakes (knowing you will make your own!)
  8. SLEEP whenever you want.
  9. Have meltdowns freely.
  10. Know you don’t have to COOK every day.
Our thanks go to SpouseBuzz participants Lucille Ciudad Real, Leilani Nevarez, Ashleigh Green, Martha Russey, Nydia Santiago-Neal, Stephanie Rimer, and Andrea.


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