What Do Military iPhone Apps Say About You?


One of my many manly bosses sent out a note asking what military apps I liked. He is making a list. So I looked at my phone.

Uh oh. I’m kinda skimpy in the military iPhone apps department. Where my husband has military apps for Defense News and Navy PRT and West Point and a bunch of other military things that look like video games to me, I’ve got apps for USAA and NFCU.

What does that say about me anyway?  That I don't care about the miltiary?  That the military doesn't matter to my life?

Hardly. Instead, I think it says that the apps that make my military life rock cannot be contained by apps designed for military members. Instead, I need apps that help me live better with my challenges. So here are the apps I use every day and exactly what they say about me.  What do your apps say about you?

This American Life: A collection of all of funky Ira Glass’s stories over the past 15 years.  This app says that I do a lot of housework all by myself and it bores me to tears. With Ira in tow, I can empty the dishwasher and feel cheery.

The Weather Channel:  This app says that the Navy keeps sending us places where people say: If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes. So I wait 15 minutes and check it again.  Dang!

Oovoo: This app offers free video calling. It says that the people I love best live too far away too much of the time.  I like to lay eyes on my husband and big kids on Oovoo and tell them all to change their shirts.

Facebook:  I like to keep up with our SpouseBuzz readers on my phone.  Not only do I enjoy the comments on the SpouseBuzz Facebook page, I like all the pix of military members with their families I get from readers.  This pretty much says that military people make me feel really, really happy.

FlashCards:  This app means that military life has a way of making me forget why things are not quite as bad as they look. FlashCards lets me keep track of smart things I read and hear. My favorite current card is military writer Kristin Henderson reminding me: The stakes just aren’t that high.  Compared to pretty much anything the military is doing today, my life is completely in perspective.

The Secret Garden: This app means that sometimes (read: often) I have trouble turning off the hassles of the day so I can be turning over and going to sleep. When I listen to this Librivox recording of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s 1910 children’s novel, I start with Mary jump roping on the paths and I am asleep before the daffodils pop up. Works like a charm.

What apps help you handle military life?  What does that say about you?

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