Why We Love Naked Soldiers


Naked pictures of Prince Harry cavorting in Las Vegas made the press this week. Not that impressive. Not shocking either. Are we now going to see pictures of all the 28-year old, single guys cavorting in Vegas that weekend? Probably not.

Wrong answer. We forgot that Prince Harry is a soldier. In order to show solidarity with Prince Harry, thousands of nearly naked soldiers (and others) posted pictures of themselves on Facebook page "Support Prince Harry With a Naked Salute." And it made all of us at SpouseBuzz laugh. We do love guys in (and out) of uniform. Join us in a break for the serious side of life while we tell you why:

- Opportunity to appreciate how Army training yields superior physical fitness. - Opportunity to wish those who do not serve would take up Army fitness. - New example of the phrase "They Can't Fry Us All." - Ample illustrations of why tattoos never turn out as well as you hope. - Ability to marvel at strategic use of a cupcake. - Additional evidence that Rupert Murdoch just might be slipping. - Student psychology project in the making:  why so many weapons over their privates? - So much more fun than XBox on deployment - Unalienable right of soldiers to put political silliness in perspective.

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