Bahrain: What Is It Like To Be Stationed There?


Margarita’s husband is being transferred to Bahrain.  Just the word Bahrain conjures up an ombudsman I met whose husband was stationed in Bahrain.  She had a pool, a BBQ pit and a maid who came standard with the apartment.

I got stuck on the idea of having a maid, so I forgot to listen to what the weather was like and what cultural events or travel were available.  That’s why Margarita is asking those who have actually been stationed in Bahrain to give her the scoop.  Margarita writes:

If you have been stationed in Bahrain, can you tell me how you liked it? What about jobs? 
Are Space Available flights easy to take back to the States? 
What other near by tourist place can one go to? 
Is it true when they say it's only two years they end up keeping you there longer? 
Any advice is helpful. Thank you!
If you have been stationed in Bahrain or you are stationed there now, can you help Margarita? In addition to the official website, what else does she need to know?  And if you have a Top Ten list of things you have to know about Bahrain, we want to see it! Show Full Article

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