5 (Cheap) MilSpouse Tips for Staying Fit


Military spouses are a busy bunch. There is a lot that goes into our days: kid’s schedules, spouse’s work and training, plus either running a household or working outside the home. In the hustle and bustle of life it can be easy to put staying physically fit on the back burner. However, personal fitness is something that each of us needs to make time for and make a priority. Just by getting 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week we can increase our energy levels, lighten our moods, and extend our lives. Commercial gyms are often pricey making joining and impossibility for some people. Here are some easy and cheap ways to sneak some fitness into your life today:

1.  Check out your installation gyms. Every post or base has some sort of gym that is available for family members and is free to use. Some installations offer child-care at their gym and others often have a “kids in sight” kind of room where you can watch your children while you work out. All of these gyms are jam-packed with cardio equipment and weights for your use. Many also offer discounted personal training packages to help you jumpstart your fitness journey.

2.  Check out your MWR website. Most installations have different run/walk events throughout the year. Using an app/program like “Couch to 5K” can help make participating in one of these events a reality. There is something special about crossing the finish line at your first race.

3.  Take a fitness class. Like offering gyms, many installations have fitness classes available for spouses to take.  Sometimes these are free and other times there is a small, yet reasonable, fee involved. This is a great way to get a group of friends together and go participate in step, boot camp, or yoga!

4.  Join MeetUp.com.  Meet Up is an awesome site that helps connect you with preexisting groups.  While many spouses use this to find play-groups for our children, there are also fitness related groups available.

5.  Start a walk/run club of your own. Gather your friends and make a date each week to walk or run together. Every installation has either a track or some sort of jogging trail available for use. Strap the kiddos into a stroller and get moving. Working out with a friend not only helps motivate you, but makes the activity that much more enjoyable.

Regardless of what tip you end up using, start making fitness a priority in your life today!


What is your favorite way to work out?  Do you have any tips to add?


Madeline G. is a healthy-living blogger at Food, Fitness, and Family where such blogs about just that: healthy eats, sweaty workouts, and life as a family of three.  he is an Army wife and mother to a beautiful 10-month-old baby girl. She loves to hear from YOU so check her out on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

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