PCS Problem: Fast Food Withdrawal

When I hear the words “Five Guys Burgers” I swear a chorus of angels sings. And when I encounter one in my travels, call me crazy, but there is a full on beam of light from heaven shining down on the building.

That is how much I love Five Guys.

Not all of us are lucky enough to live near our favorite restaurants. Among the things the Military Powers do not take into account when they ship us off to a new duty station is the proximity of the nearest Five Guys. Or Chipotle. Or Chick-fil-a. (My mouth is watering like crazy just writing those words).

Once in awhile I’ll hear a rumor that a Five Guys is coming to my town. And then I’ll get excited. And then I’ll wait. And then I’ll pray. And then, when no delicious and addictive burgers and fries materialize, I give up hope.

I’m pretty sure this is partially how the good people of Bethel, Alaska feel. Their nearest Taco Bell is about 400 miles away (and requires a boat or a plane since that’s the only way to get to Bethel). Last week fliers were circulated around the town in what the Anchorage Daily News called an “elaborate hoax,” advertising the grand opening of a Taco Bell. Sad day for those taco loving folks when they found out it was not true. Taco Bell to the rescue, though – today they threw a taco party for the town, donating all the fixings so that residents could get their fix.

My nearest Five Guys is only about an hour away, so I don’t have it nearly as bad as they do. And I doubt they're going to show up on my doorstep with a delicious burgers-and-fries feast in an effort to make me feel better. But I know there are spouses out there who feel like those Alaskans – hungry, sad and [insert your fast food of choice]-less ... with no way to get to the deliciousness they crave.

I'm sad for you.

Tell us – what delicious eatery do you miss the most, and at what duty station did you find it? There’s comfort in [hungry] company.



See?? This is what I'm talking about! Oh, how they tease me.

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