Top Ten Ways To Enjoy 29 Palms


If  you are going to have a happy military life, you  gotta learn to adapt to the demands of every duty station.  That's why so many military families have that little sign that reads, "HOME is where the military sends you."  Yet some places the military sends you are harder to adapt to than others. It takes integrity!  Guts!  Sunscreen by the vat!   These Marine spouses at 29 Palms offered up their ten best tongue-in-cheek ways to start adapting to life in the desert.

  1. Do not teach your dog to hunt snakes.
  2. Accept Applebees as fine dining.
  3. Expect that your cold water tap in August will be HOT!
  4. Do NOT swim in Lake Bandini.
  5. Learn to love online shopping.
  6. Enjoy that your full coverage insurance on your car will eventually yield a free paint job.
  7. Buy lotion in large quantities.  Buy sunscreen in larger quantities.
  8. Consider a fabulous career opportunity as a tattoo artist or hairdresser.
  9. Always remember that coyotes are NOT pets.
  10. Enjoy every minute with your at-home Marine.

At SpouseBuzz LIVE in Twentynine Palms, CA, military spouses use crowd wisdom to put together their Top Ten Lists.  This dynamic group included Angela Parson, Elaine Frakes, Katie McBee, Katilyn Burg, Sue Lowe, Stephanie Sullivan, Valery Behr, Leann Aragon, Paulina Andis

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