Top Ten Advantages to Geographic Bachelorhood

Geographic Bachelorhood is that strange moment in military life when you both truly believe that living apart would be easier than suffering a PCS move.  This is never true, but it seems true because confronting that choice means you are squashed between a rock and a hard-then-even-harder place.  Geographic Bachelorhood requires relationship calculus to truly work.  If you are currently moving through a geobach tour, these spouses at 29 Palms offer their lists of advantages to remind you why you made this choice:

  1. You get to keep a job longer than 10 months.
  2. Children can finish school year (an especially good choice if this means only being apart two or three months.)
  3. You get to keep attending your local church and activities where you already have support in place.
  4. You already know where to go and what to do and where to eat(!) to keep your family on track.
  5. You can take time for projects and growth (e.g.run 26.2 miles and stop talking about it).
  6. You can take a tip from the Moneytree plant and grow apart to become braided together.
  7. Both of you can indulge in activities you wouldn’t normally do like fishing, backpacking, girls nights out, re-modeling house.
  8. It might be easier to save money to pay off bills or buy a new truck--especially if you don't have to pay extra to house the geobach
  9. You have to be more diligent about  meaningful communication which can mean three hours of skype-ing, really listening to each other's day, and focus on each other.
  10. You get to have the last kiss and the first kiss over and over and over again.
At SpouseBuzz LIVE in Twentynine Palms, CA, military spouses use crowd wisdom to put together their Top Ten Lists.  This dynamic group included Allie Lovette, Carrie Cushman, Alice Lopez, Sam Cabino, Becky Steiner, Virginia Sulick, and Sarah Coohn.
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