The Results: Military Appreciation Doesn’t Matter

When we asked readers early this week if they would still serve in the military if the American public didn’t appreciate them, I suspected I knew what the overwhelming response would be. After all, we frequently hear people say that service is a higher calling and the "thank yous" don’t matter.

But I didn’t know how I personally would answer that question. I mean, would I really still want my husband to stay Army if we encountered haters everywhere? And when I say “not appreciated” I don’t really mean “lack of military discount.” I mean dirty looks, your kid being bullied and a general sense of disgust from the people who you are fighting to protect.

I can’t say I’ve been surprised, though, by the results so far. We know that servicemembers by and large love what they do – it’s a volunteer force, after all.

Still, I appreciate the honesty of those who have said that, no they wouldn’t serve as well as the attitude that you really can’t know what you would until you are in the situation.

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