Military Wife Quote: You Don't Have To Deserve Your Mother's Love


Mother's Day is easy.  From the time that you are the littlest, bittiest kid, you know that your mom is going to LOVE whatever it is you give her for Mother's Day.  She might even get teary over that macaroni necklace (or bought-at-the-last-minute greeting card).  Mom will probably hug you really tight and tell you how wonderful you are and save that item forever.

Father's Day is not so simple, I don't think.  That's why I like this Military Wife Quote from American poet laureate Robert Frost. Frost noted " You don't have to deserve your mother's love. You have to deserve your father's."

I don't think Frost is referring to Father's Day cards or barbecue sets or a new golf club.  Instead I think Frost is referring to that little something about fathers that makes us want to impress them, please them, deserve their praise.  That's a big responsibility--on Father's Day and all the days of the year.  So Happy Father's Day to all of our fathers.  May they always be as impressed with us as we are with them.

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