Military Spouse Teacher: What Is It Really Like?


When Tabitha’s Air Force husband came home with news that he would be stationed in Korea for two years, her career crisis came to a head. Tabitha wrote:

 “I am an English literature major and I am wanting to teach. But with this career choice of my wonderful better half, I was wondering if there was any advice as to whether or not it can be achieved. I know the whole "renew license because every state has a different policy" deal so I'm not worried about that. I'm just bumfuzzled at the moving-every two-three-years concept.”
We are bumfuzzled, too. Although teaching has always been a common career choice for military spouses, we wonder how that actually works out in real life for a real military spouse teacher.

If you are a military spouse teacher, we would like to hear about your experience. Is it easy to get a job? Do you end up in locations where there are so many military spouse teachers that the competition is insurmountable? Did your teaching career lead to something else? Help us help Tabitha with some up-to-the-minute SpouseBuzz advice.

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