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I'm the daughter of a military dad.  On the day I was born, my dad was flying through the clear blue skies above Luke AFB in Arizona.  My mom, of course, was in labor at Williams AFB 60 miles away.  (Geez, my dad was a geographic bachelor before there was any such thing as a geographic bachelor!!)  Anyway, on the way to the hospital, my dad stopped at one of the flower grower's stands that used to line the highway.  He bought me--not mom--a bouquet.  "I want to be the first man to ever bring her flowers," Dad explained.

I love that guy.  Not just on Father's Day, but all the time.  Just like his uniforms and boots were an every day part of my childhood, so were his steadfastness, his intelligence, his devotion to my mother.  And he also had the advantage of making every other father or a second grader look B-O-R-I-N-G on career day.

I've never been able to tease away how much of that was my dad in particular and how much of that was the military in my dad.  If you are the child of a military father, how do you think that changed your life?   Looking back on it from adulthood, what did you like about having a military dad?  What would you change? Tell us a story!

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