My Last Minute Father's Day Solution

Father's Day sneaks up on me every year.  I turn the corner of Monday and realize that I haven't thought of a thing to give my husband for Father's Day.  According to Target, my husband wants a #1 Dad plaque,  the Mr. Beer Premium Edition Kit, or the first season of The Six Million Dollar Man. I was thinking a lawn chair might be nice.  When I ask the man himself, he shrugs.  "Lemme think about it," he says.

Sigh.  So I decided that this year I would bring in the heavy artillery and ask the guys over at Kit UP to help.  They know everything about guy stuff over there.

 Not that socks, ties and cardigan sweaters aren’t awesome, but why not get a Multitasker or a set of custom Slag grips for your 1911 if it’s possible? Maybe momma just needs a little guidance.
Truth to tell, "momma" really could use some guidance.  It isn't that I think a gift could really express all the gratitude and admiration I feel for the father of my children.  But for once, I'd like the man to open something--anything--that he actually wants. Show Full Article

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