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Mamie Eisenhower moved 35 times with her Army husband Dwight Eisenhower until he moved her into the White House. So far I’ve only moved 16 times with my guy. Maybe you’ve moved exactly once. Rest assured, the natural scrapbookers among military spouses have already thought up great ways to remember all their military homes.

If you aren't naturally creative, feel free to steal these ideas for easy ways to scrapbook your military homes forever.  And add your own!

Take a picture. In the military, our first houses are usually nothing to write home about. No plaster columns or marble halls. Make it part of your PCS routine to take a picture of your house or just the front door of your new home on the day you move in. Be sure to note the address. Your future security clearance could depend on coming up with every address.

Key Cabinet. In their July/August issue, Country Living magazine features an antique key box used to keep keys from getting lost at sea. Keep one house key from each place you live. Attach a tag with the address and hanging it in the box for memory’s sake.  Or do what I did and just have a big ring of mystery house keys.

Subway sign. I keep seeing these antique subway posters in House Beautiful and Veranda The signs are black with white block lettering listing each subway stop. I keep hoping some cool military spouse will take this idea and run with it. I would love to order one of these with each of our duty stations listed on it—as well as a little room for future homes. Considering how many times I have to move, maybe it would be good if it was small.  Or in two pieces.  Or painted on canvas that could roll up.  Hey!  Wouldn’t this be awesome as a floor cloth?


 Original Art. My friends the McElroys had a crafter make this home sign for them. It lists each of their duty

stations and the dates they lived there. You could make something like this yourself. Or ask one of your children to paint a house picture for you and add the dates of their homes.

Go classic. You’ve probably seen the classic sign “Home Is Where the Military Sends You” sign hanging in a neighbor’s house. These are often available with mini-plaques with the name of your duty stations. Find it at your base craft store, military exchange or online.


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