You've Had How Many Addresses?!

The last few weeks I have been on the job hunt. My girls are getting bigger, and I am feeling ready to rejoin the workforce.  As if finding a job in a rocky economy wasn’t difficult enough, it’s no secret that being a military spouse brings a unique set of challenges to finding employment

Upon filling out yet another application, I got tripped up for a particularly challenging question:

List all your addresses in the last seven years.

Face, meet palm.

In the last seven years I have had seven addresses. Seven.

First, let’s address (no pun intended) the fact that it is virtually impossible to remember all those addresses. In order to fill out this application, I had to utilize Google to find the details of all the places I have lived. Further, there was not enough room on the application to list all seven places. And while nothing takes more commitment, dedication, and loyalty than serving in the military (or spending your life with someone who does), nothing makes you look flakier than having that many addresses in as many years.

This is not just an issue when searching for a job. This is also a common question on credit and rental applications.

And Even though we can explain our frequent moving, sometimes bringing up the military opens a whole other can of worms. Some employers do not like to invest in military related employees and some landlords do not like to rent to military due to our transient lifestyle.

While it is illegal for employers, lenders, and landlords to discriminate, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  I am pretty positive that I have lost out on at least one job that I was highly qualified for because my relation to the military was brought up in my interview. In fact, since that experience I have made it a point to avoid discussing my military relationship with employers before I am hired.

How many moves have you done? Has the number of addresses been an issue for you when applying for credit or employment -- and how do you keep track of them all?

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