YDU: Farewells are Hard for Guys, Too


Why didn't you tell me  ... that it's hard for guys to send a loved one off to war? Yesterday I saw my girlfriend get on a bus and leave for a seven month deployment in Afghanistan. Our love is still young but has grown like a wild fire.

I knew what to expect for her deployment send off.  I myself had served four years in the Marine Corps and had two combat deployments and countless other deployments in between so I knew what the usual scenario was for a deployment. What I didn't expect was the wave of emotions that would over come me as I watched the best thing in my life get on that bus to leave me for a war on the other side of the world.

It's a different feeling being the one left behind.  When I was the one deploying I was excited and full of piss and vinegar, but now that I'm the one staying behind, I don't like it. It's only been one day and yet there is a large emptiness weighing on my shoulders. I know she will be fine, but there is still that what if. I am trying to be strong but find it a little hard at moments. I've been looking for information online on how to cope and make it through this deployment but most of everything I have found caters towards wives and girlfriends, not much for the husbands and boyfriends. Are there any sites or groups for the men left behind out there?  Because I think I'm gonna need it.

Mike G. is from Lady's Island, South Carolina. His now fiancée, Becki, is a motor transport operator in the United States Marine Corps stationed on Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Mike served as an Assault Man in the Marine Corps with 2 combat deployments to Iraq. He is currently enjoying civilian life as a firefighter and is currently a candidate for the FDNY. 

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