Will You Run to Remember?

I hate to love running. It’s hard and, especially at this time of year, it’s really hot and yucky. In fact, it’s kind of like torture. But running is so important to me, and not just because it might someday make me skinny again. It reminds me to remember the fallen – and here’s why:

In 2009 Lisa Hallet’s husband, Capt. John Hallet, was killed by an IED along with three others as he returned from a humanitarian mission in Southern Afghanistan. He left behind two toddler boys and a one-month-old daughter who he never got to meet or even see over Skype. Lisa turned to running to deal with the unfathomable pain of his death – and as more and more men from John’s battalion died over the course of that deployment she encouraged other widows, gold star families, unit spouses and community members to do the same.

What started as a small community support group has exploded into a nationwide movement to remember the fallen through running. Her organization, wear blue: run to remember, inspires thousands to commemorate the fallen by doing something positive for themselves – exercise – while wearing the color blue to remind the public of the sacrifice of the 3,000 men and women who have given their lives for America.

Lisa and her fellow runners (like me!) are asking Americans to pledge miles and purposefully run (or walk!) and wear the color blue while remembering the fallen this Memorial Day.


Don’t have a blue shirt? Don’t worry – run or walk anyway. But while you do it remember those who have given everything for our freedom. Most of us know someone who has died in war leaving behind a precious family. Take the time this weekend to let them know that you are remembering  -- and running – for their lost.

Pledge your miles here.

Read more about this incredible organization -- whose only membership requirement is that you move and remember -- here.

Tomorrow I’ll be hauling my post-baby self five miles. What about you?

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