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We spend a lot of time on this site talking about the First Lady's Joining Forces program. Why? Because it is the central effort by our First Lady and government to not only raise awareness for the support needs of military families, but to help military spouses achieve our number one most coveted thing: a job.

Like we have said before, we are happy that they are making an effort. We are happy that they are trying.

But we think they could try harder. We don't necessarily want them to do more, but we want what they are already doing to be different.

Maybe we are way off base here. This morning Jacey talked about what she would do with Joining Forces if SHE were First Lady.  She said she would, for starters, use her influence to whip the heads of the services into shape on a few spouse job help related items.

(Personal opinion: it's a darn tootin' good thing that neither Jacey or myself are First Lady. It would be too much. America wouldn't be able to handle our unfettered energy. Plus I, for one, have terrible fashion sense. They would make me put on something other than PJ pants as I wandered around the White House. And I would protest because, for crying out loud, the only place in the world you can even wear PJ pants without judgment is at home! You see it just wouldn't work out).

We want to know what YOU would do with Joining Forces if YOU were First Lady. (Try to look past the PJ pants problem that I mentioned above and focus on the program). Take our little poll below to give your two cents, then check out the results.



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