Military Wife Quote: My Mother Had a Great Deal of Trouble


I save all my Mother's Day cards from my kids like evidence.  Because someday these three will be old enough not to love me sooooooooo extravagantly.  All I hope is that they will remember me the way Mark Twain remembered his mother.  The author of Tom Sawyer wrote, "My mother had a great deal of trouble with me but I think she enjoyed it."

I hope they know how much I enjoy being their mother.  I have my outbursts, I know.  But I so loved cuddling my babies while they slept.  I enjoyed reading Green Eggs and Ham and Its Potty Time until we all knew it by heart.   I now delight in all the midnight talks with teenagers piled on my bed.  Every Mother's Day these kids of mine thank me.  But, oh, how I can never thank them quite enough for the pleasure of being their mother.



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