Is a Reduced Mil Presence in Government Coming Soon?


What impact will the all volunteer military have on our country's political future?

I have another concern.  My latest concern is that the one percent of Americans that serve in the military will not be accurately represented in the government in the future because none of the politicians will have served in the military.  Why?  Because they didn't have to.   Having someone with no military experience making decisions concerning the military is like an obstetrician saying labor isn't painful when they have never given birth.

Now don't go thinking there is currently a huge representation of former military members wheeling and dealing, passing or revoking laws in the this country; the Legislative branch members (Congress) who have military experience are less 22% based on info I found on www.whoserved.com.  But hey, that is about one in four, and I'll take those odds versus the direction I believe we are headed, which I fear is only down.   The highest percentage is found within the Judicial branch of the government, with one-third having served.

When Congress used us as a pawn (my opinion) during budget scare tactics by saying the military won't get paid, that was when my concern began.  When I look through the paper and see how many men and women who served during both World War I and II, Vietnam, and the Korean War are passing away, leaving holes in society and visual reminders of the past (who can miss them, especially here around DC, proudly displaying decals on their cars, license plates, hats, and walking around the Mall), we lose advocates for our future.  The military is reducing numbers...that is a fact.  It is in the papers and I have heard it first-hand from many reliable peeps.  Can't really say we need more people to serve in the military if there aren't any available jobs.

So where does that leave us.

Do we become better educated about the government so we know the proper channels for our voices to be heard?  Do we encourage those with military experience to run for office?  Do we take part of military remembrance services, such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day, so that our numbers can be seen?  Do we act as advocates for the military, by whining less and standing up more?   Do we stay strong together?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  And yes.

What say you?  Is this a concern of yours as well?  And what do you propose we actively do about it?


Heidi is an Air Force wife, mother of boys, and has been blogging for four years.  She was an athletic trainer in her “past life” and finds that her prior profession of working the sidelines of football games has adequately prepared her for working the sidelines in her day to day military spouse life and enables her to deal with just about anyone.


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