In Sports -- Home Team vs. Hometown Team?


Should military families always Root Root Root for the home team???

A more experienced military spouse recently told me it was bad form to show up at a baseball game, or any sporting event for that matter, wearing gear supporting the visiting team.  Even when her beloved hometown team visits, she opts to cheer on the home team, whoever and wherever that may be.

Lucky for my kids, my husband and I are not the least bit worried about bad form.

Our boys were both born in areas where there are no “hometown” professional sports teams.  They have only lived near a major city once prior to our current location and quickly latched on to just about every professional sports team that city had to offer.

In short, my boys are Boston fans.  They loved and still love just about anything and everything to do with that place, and so we have followed suit.  The Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins are their home teams.  They love receiving good-natured flack from my other military families who support the Yankees, the Cardinals, the Dolphins, and we love giving it right back.  For our boys, being a Boston fan is part of their definition, same as being a military kid.

With all the moves, with all the uncertainty, is it so wrong to allow our kids to cheer on their hometown team instead of the home team?  Me thinks not.

Bad form?  Phooey.

In our constantly changing life, at least we will always have one constant and one thing in that remains the same with our boys, even after move after move after move … we will all always love the Red Sox. And if that means we have bad form, well, we aren't too concerned since we are trying to have good form as parents.

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