Welcome Home, But Where's My Ring?


Some women will never part with their original wedding ring.  It’s sentimental and symbolic and no other ring could ever take its place.  I thought I was that kind of woman until  this past December.  As I excitedly prepared to pick my husband up from the airport after his Iraq deployment, my ring made other plans.  The last known sighting was after  I rinsed  it off after dipping it in jewelry cleaner.  I dried it and placed it on my finger and out the door I went.  Made a few stops before meeting up with our photographer and then I arrived at the airport.

Then we came home and received an overseas call.  As I was talking,  I looked down at my hand and didn’t see a diamond stone set in Platinum with 6 prong setting staring back. I gave panic eyes to my husband and held up my hand. Operation Hunt It Down commenced. And ended.  The ring was gone.

After tears and curses and some foot stomping,  I started looking around websites. I hadn’t thought of a wedding ring in a while and didn’t know where to even begin.  I couldn’t find anything close to the style of my setting, so I decided to break from tradition and delve into some color to represent our marriage.

I wanted the new ring to symbolize what we had become as a family.  The blue topaz/sapphire/diamond ring that caught my eye actually catches me in my throat when I think of it now. The color of this blue topaz reminds me of looking into my husband’s gorgeous blue eyes--a sight I truly miss during separations. The sapphire has been a long admired stone of mine.  I wanted one in a very specific design that I’d know if I saw it and this was it. A little nod to Princess Di from my little girl days. Diamonds in a trim design because this woman loves them.

The sapphire/topaz combination represents where our family has had the most happiness in this journey.  We lived and played at the ocean as often as possible. It’s our collective love. The cushion cut reminds me of everyone piled in our bed to watch movies. Corny to some but to me, this ring fits us all.

Where my solitaire was about ‘just us 2,' this colorful and inviting ring is about our life and love today.  No surprise that 4 days later my husband took me to the jewelry counter and purchased it.  One month later, my original set showed up in a very tight spot near my bed.  But I love the sentiment and symbolism in the new ring.  Every time I look at it I have to smile.

Have you ever lost an item that meant the world to you?

SAFS is an Air Force veteran, Air Force wife, Army brat and Army mom. Follow on Facebook, her blog and her tweets  about everything!

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