Embrace The Suck: Military Wife Quote

Embrace the Suck Military Wives Quote (Military.com)

"Accept failure. Enjoy it even. Embrace the suck, for the suck is part of the process," wrote AJ Jacobs in Real Simple magazine in 2012.

Jacobs may have been writing about being more creative in your life, but he really came up with a great military wife quote. In his article, Jacobs noted that Bach wrote some ... uh ... shoddy concertos. Picasso created more than 50,000 paintings and a lot of them, well ... sucked. That isn't a bad thing, because embracing the suck takes up a huge part of a big creative life.

The same is true for the life of a military spouse. A lot of the time we gotta EMBRACE THE SUCK because, really, the suck is part of our process. Sometimes all three kids are gonna be crying at the same time. Sometimes you really are gonna miss that deadline at work.

Sometimes you are gonna choose to do the ballet class and the honor society and offer to pick up your husband so he can get his car before the shop closes and ... you are gonna fail.

Because that is all part of the process of a big creative military life. Sometimes you succeed. Sometimes it is your turn to EMBRACE THE SUCK. Either way it is all part of the process and you are doing just fine. Trust me.

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